Postpartum Core Methods

Do you ever notice yourself ‘sucking in’ your tummy or have a cinch above your belly button or under your ribs? Does your lower belly bulge no matter how much core training you do? I've got you!

In this FREE LIVE 60 minute webinar, discover my TOP 3 SECRETS to help you let go of tension in the upper abdominals (aka. ab gripping). Not only will this get you one step closer to stronger (and flatter) lower abs, but learning these secrets will relieve pressure on your pelvic floor and abdominal wall to aid diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse! 

Part 2: Top 5 Techniques for Better Lower Ab Engagement coming end of August!


part 1: 3 secrets to LETTING go of tension For stronger Lower Abs 
–– The replay is only available for the next 48 hours.



What You Will Learn On This Free Online Masterclass

Learn to let go of tension in your upper abs for more lower ab engagement (flatter abs!)


Learn to expand the ribcage to reduce pressure out on the abdominal wall and down on the pelvic floor


Relieve back tightness to get a better abdominal contraction


Please come prepared to get involved in gentle breathwork & movement, get LIVE feedback (if you want it!) and ask questions!


Spaces are limited given the interactive nature of the masterclass so register now!

Rachel, Specialist Pre & Post Natal Corrective & Functional Fitness Coach in the UK

Rachel is a highly regarded women’s fitness coach and pre & post natal exercise specialist in the UK. Rachel bridges the gap between pelvic health physical therapy and functional strength training helping women become strong, pain and problem free post baby. As such, Rachel is trusted and recommended by doctors and pelvic health physios for pre and post natal training. 

Rachel takes a holistic approach to training both mind and body and is extremely passionate about removing fear around exercise in the pre & post natal periods, particularly those pertaining to pelvic health issues; diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse. The re|BORN Postpartum Method is the most comprehensive corrective and specialist functional fitness postpartum programme that focuses not only on rehab but also REAL results. Guiding you to become the strongest version of yourself. 

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