The Strong, free & uplifted method™

by Rachel Prince, Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis Recti & POP Coach

3 Steps To Reclaim Your Life From Leaking & Prolapse



In this FREE training, you'll uncover the 3 simple, highly-effective steps used by busy mums with pelvic floor issues - incontinence and prolapse - to regain trust in their body so they can rebuild their strength and reclaim their life from symptoms. 

Your freedom in mind and body awaits...


What You Will Learn in This Free Online Masterclass

Upgrade your mindset and emotional energy (no more limiting beliefs and avoidance tactics)


Find your freedom through assessment and self awareness (no more anxiety about what is going on with your body and why)


Knowing where to start and move your body better (no more questioning what will work for you or fear around making symptoms worse)

Hi, I'm Rachel Prince

Armed with a proven track record of helping women and mums become strong, pain and problem free post baby, with my dedicated focus on Women’s Health, I know what it takes to ‘rehab’ your core and pelvic floor and build up your strength. 

I’ve been on the journey you have been on - the lack of belief in my abilities and fear of ‘hurting myself’ or making things worse stopped me from pursuing my goals a number of times (following miscarriage, with back pain, with diastasis recti). 

My experiences led me to change career, on a path to continually educate myself in the realm of Women’s Health, learning from the best and continually adapt my methods to be the best I can be for my clients. 

A LEADING Specialist Pre & Post Natal Corrective, Diastasis Recti & POP Coach 

...and Now it's your turn!

I am extremely passionate about removing fear around exercise in the pre & post natal periods, particularly those pertaining to pelvic health issues; diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse. 

My clients are busy mums just like you that felt fearful returning to exercise, overwhelmed with all the information, with feelings of self doubt and losing confidence in their body. 

BUT on the other side of all that fear, they've successfully become pain free and reduced or completely eliminated symptoms...

I take a holistic approach to training body and mind to give you freedom and transform your life.

Join the mamas that have successfully become their strongest selves pain and problem free.

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