re|Birth to 6 Weeks


re|CONNECT to your deep core, re|COORDINATE your breathing, re|CLAIM your confidence in knowing where to start your postpartum fitness journey

The ideal course to give you and your body the best beginnings, getting you started slowly on your postpartum fitness journey back to strength with short 15 minute easy to do at home exercises that you can squeeze in wherever you are to help you on your road to recovery!  

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your new bubba! I’m so excited for you, it’s one hell of a ride!

Now most of us mums will get discharged from hospital, get told to do our Pelvic Floor exercises and wait for the doctor 6-8 week check before returning to exercise, at which point you are usually told you can return to WHATEVER physical activity you choose. While we will be doing physically challenging movements at home already with a baby (and potentially more, heavier kids), take this advice with a pinch of salt…

You CAN and SHOULD start some gentle breathing and pelvic floor exercises, at the very least, before this time as it is hugely beneficial to recovery, and laying the foundations to make our bodies safer and stronger. Think about a house, you wouldn’t build it before laying the foundations which make it structurally sound…

The re|BIRTH FREE Mini Course will do just that, get you started on re|BUILDING your dream house, brick by brick! 

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Is overwhelmed with the options, advice and not sure where or how to start on your postpartum rehab journey while caring for a newborn

Are you someone who...

Suffers from pelvic floor or core issues - diastasis recti, incontinence as examples

Wants a stronger core - whether you are 2 weeks or past 8 weeks, if you haven’t carried out any formal abdominal rehab, this is probably for you. It is never late to learn, heal and strengthen your core postpartum and the foundations need to be laid first….Breathing!

Meet Rachel

Rachel is an ex-retail and eCommerce specialist turned women’s fitness coach, a wife and mum of two sassy girls 1 and 3 years old. They are her girlgang! With a specialism in pre & post natal fitness, applied functional science and ‘corrective exercise’, Rachel loves to focus on mindful movement, while also bridging the gap between pelvic health physical therapy and functional strength training. As such, Rachel is trusted and recommended by doctors and pelvic health physios for pre and post natal training. 

Rachel is offering this “re|BIRTH to 6 Weeks” FREE mini course because you have just been through childbirth, no easy task! You deserve some self care. Rachel will share exactly what she did to aid her own recovery from Week 2 while educating you along the way.

The course is based on exercises that I follow in my own postpartum journeys as well as those that I prescribe to my prenatal clients after they give birth.

THE RE|BIRTH MINI COURSE has been created to support you on your postpartum journey from STRAIGHT AFTER BIRTH so that you can build strong foundations.

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Access to an online platform on your laptop or mobile device or via an app

Exercises covering 360 abdominal breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, transverse abdominis activation alongside an introduction into posture awareness and gentle stretching exercises

Specialist and up-to-date knowledge on postpartum rehab and diastasis recti from your expert

A suggested weekly ‘exercise’ schedule for each Phase providing knowledge on when to progress. We are all different in our recoveries so this gives you the knowledge to decide for yourself

2 Phase approach with instructional videos for each Phase describing each move, breath by breath, in detail 

Support, should you need it - you are able to comment on videos for feedback

Access for 12 months


The re|BIRTH to 6 Weeks Mini Course is the precursor to The re|BORN Postpartum Method, built on specialist knowledge in pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise and Diastasis Recti rehab. This manageable 2-6 Week (or for as long as you need it!) Online Course will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructional videos, easy to carry out in-between feeds! The content has been structured to help you address compensatory breathing patterns from pregnancy to aid abdominal and pelvic floor healing and activation. You will be guided through exercises step-by-step to help ‘retrain the brain’ in an unconscious way. 

The re|Birth To 6 Weeks Mini Course

free course

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This first phase is all about reconnecting to the muscles of the deep core. We focus on getting them to work optimally and really FEELING the movements 

  • Work the DIAPHRAGM - which gets pushed up and flattens during pregnancy as the ribs expand, losing its optimal dome-like shaped appearance. 
  • Gain Control of your PELVIC FLOOR - stretched from the weight of the baby and/or from vaginal delivery
  • Activate your TRANSVERSUS ABDOMINIS - stretched from the lovely growing baby, your bump!



This phase of the programme is where we put all of the above together since NO muscle works in isolation. All the muscles of the deep core need to work together in respiration (breathing!) and to provide natural strength for your abdominal wall. Take as much time as you need on Phase 1 to master it as you might need to continue it in conjunction with Phase 2!

How It Works:

You want to improve your core strength, function and appearance.

​You want up-to-date education and to learn about the ‘deep core’ and how it works 

You want to learn from a specialist in Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise and Diastasis Recti Rehab, with qualifications in some of the top Pelvic Health & Physio-led courses (Dr Sarah Duvall, Munirah Hudani, Antony Lo) and is a mum herself (been in your shoes!)

This is for you if:

You want to improve your posture 

You want to get back to fitness safely 

You don’t want to spend the time on low level exercises or don’t believe it is beneficial. These Phases are THE most frustrating as it takes more mental stamina to ‘retrain the brain’ (why it is good to do it early!) but is one of the MOST rewarding once your body has got it!

You have all good intentions to start, but then get bored quickly, wait for your 6-8 week check and jump straight back into HIIT

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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start?


Typically starting whenever you are ready regardless of the type of delivery, and provided there were no complications, BUT given the demands of a new baby, hormones all over the place and milk coming in, you might want to start a couple of weeks after birth to give yourself time to sleep and settle into your new wonderful life. As an example, on my most recent PP journey, I started in Week 2 once I got back from hospital. If you’ve done no formal core recovery or breathing ‘retraining’ work since giving birth it might still be for you! 


What equipment will I need?


Just the breath! Use of a mat, foam roller, yoga block and/or Pilates ball is useful but equally you could use a cushion and rolled up towel 


What if I have diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor issues such as incontinence or prolapse?


These are not contraindications to exercise, and given the timeframe to start, it is too early to worry about PFDs since your body will be in full recovery mode anyway - uterus contracting and returning to original size, organs moving back, rib cage angle reducing, and all the other healing that comes with post pregnancy. We also do not recommend checking your DRA prior to 6-8 weeks as it is likely to cause more worry and there will be a significant amount of natural healing during this time. AND given the nature of this mini course, this can ONLY help with any core issues you MIGHT be facing alongside others such as back pain.