The re|Born Postpartum Method

re|BUILD your core

re|CLAIM your body

re|VITALISE your mind and spirit

re|TURN to fitness postpartum stronger than you have EVER been? 

The re|BORN Postpartum programme is tailored to you and your individual goals and needs. It is the most comprehensive corrective and specialist functional fitness postpartum programme that focuses not only on rehab but also REAL results. 

Re|CONNECT to your fitness journey with the re|BORN Postpartum method and say goodbye to injury, aches and pains and hello to your highly functioning body that looks and feels good 

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Are you ready to...


Improving diastasis recti and getting it functional

Reducing symptoms of incontinence or mild prolapse
Reducing back pain, knee pain, neck pain and release tension in your body

Increase strength, fitness, flexibility and function so you can care for and keep up with your kids!

Reconnect to your body, with knowledge comes power!

Rediscover your body and get in BETTER shape than you were pre baby! 

Feeling good, looking good.

Rehabilitation + Results

The re|BORN Postpartum Programme has been formulated to focus on correcting injury and pain post baby but to also get you RESULTS. Because believe it or not, you can have both. 


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A COMPLETE POSTPARTUM PROGRAMME TO HYBRID science-based bespoke corrective exercise & rehab with functional fitness.

The re|BORN Method has been created to support you on your individual postpartum journey to full strength and being in the best shape of your life, yes even better than pre kids, with specialist care for you and your postpartum body. 


All based on the curated re|Born Method using principles of Applied Functional Science and Corrective Exercise giving you a distinctive and integrated approach to assessment, rehabilitation, strength training, conditioning and injury prevention. 

The best part? It is tailored to you, your post baby body and your own physical needs. 

it will not only build you a strong functioning core and pelvic floor SAFELY, BUT also build up your fitness and get you feeling your strongest so that you can carry out the HARDEST tasks in your week with EASE while getting you closer to your INDIVIDUAL fitness and aesthetic goals. And yes, it has been designed to support you to achieve a flatter tum should it be a goal.

Built in 4 corrective and progressive strength phases: The Signature 12 Week Method and Advanced Follow On Method

No need for fad dieting, extreme cardio or HIIT! It all starts with the breath and addressing your compensations…

It is OK to want to reclaim your body, to feel you again, stronger than ever AND to have abs! I have been there…and achieved it through structured and functional rehab and strength training…twice! You CAN respect your postpartum body and want to change it at the same time.

Are overwhelmed with the options, advice and not sure where or how to start on your postpartum workout journey to get the best results for YOUR body

Suffer from pelvic floor or core issues - mild diastasis recti, incontinence as examples

Are lacking confidence in your body, fitness levels and need someone to care for you while you care for others - we’ve got your back!

Time constrained and exhausted so need someone to take control of your postpartum rehab and fitness journey for you!

Want to be the strongest you can for your everyday tasks as a mother, care for and play with your kids as they get heavier…and heavier…

Want to reduce lower belly distention - as a result of diastasis recti or core weakness in lower TAs (transverse abdominals) as a result of pregnancy

Want a stronger core - whether you are 6 weeks or 6 months, if you haven’t carried out any formal rehab and strengthening work of the ENTIRE abdominal wall, this is probably for you. It is never late to strengthen your core postpartum

This programme is for you if you:

The programme has been designed to help you alleviate aches, pains and ailments that your pregnancy journey so kindly gave you and also, get you back to being in control and feeling educated on your postpartum journey. So that next time, you can do it alone (if you wish too!)

Been through the postpartum journey before but it just seems so much harder this time round so need more tailored support

Suffer from aches and pains or injury during your pregnancy or postpartum journey

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"I no longer have pain in my pubic symphysis area and I can play with my kids, run, go hiking, swimming and gained all these activities back in my life because of all her help. I really appreciate all the expertise and knowledge that Rachel shared with me individually and with the group." 

Sarah, Postpartum Method Mama

"It changed my life and I found through her programme that I could regain the strength that I once didn't have in my core.”

She was able to support me and my individual needs - going above and beyond - every step of the way...

...I loved the progressive approach of the programme with options to scale up or down depending on how I was feeling and my symptoms."

Daria, Postpartum Method Mama

"Rachel's 12-week ReBorn Method programme has played a fundamental role in my postpartum healing journey, both on a physical and emotional level. 

"Physically yes, I'm stronger and I'm getting stronger and back to the body that I knew pre two pregnancies, but mentally and emotionally it has really changed my outlook on exercise and how I approach it and also how I think about my body." 

LAUREN, Postpartum Method Mama

"It's one of the best things I've ever done. It's now shaping how I move forward with exercise."

as a new mother, whether it is first time, second time, third time or fourth! The journey ahead feels daunting and overwhelming.. And the thing you lack the most is TIME FOR YOU.. 

But it doesn't have to be overwhelming.. 

I know finding time is hard, it is the most precious thing you have. You have to protect it. 

That is why having a programme to follow that is built in phases, progressive and actually focuses on your individual postpartum needs and goals is key to you being able to do this. 

The re|BORN Postpartum method has an individualised approach to assess your postpartum body and movements, and to support you to overcome your individual postpartum challenges, and work towards your goals and desires so that at the end of the 12 weeks you feel confident, strong, energised and empowered, and as a bonus, you LOOK GOOD. 

I know the challenge you have,

Will you ever find the time to prioritise your health again?

Where the hell do you start and what are you ‘allowed’ to or ‘not allowed’ to do? Consider NOTHING is off the table…

Can you even workout when you have the pains and aches you do?

You barely have the time or energy to wash your hair - how are you going to find the time to work out?

As part of the support and accountability system, you will get real-time feedback on videos you send in by me personally.

*this mama kindly shared her progress with permission. 

Live Feedback

Meet the Founder, Rachel, Specialist Corrective & Functional Fitness Coach and Creator of the re|Born Method.

Hey mamas, I am Rachel, 

An ex-retail and eCommerce specialist turned women’s fitness coach, a wife and mum of two sassy girls 1 and 3 years old. They are my girlgang! With a specialism in pre & post natal fitness, applied functional science and ‘corrective exercise’, I love to focus on mindful movement, while also bridging the gap between pelvic health physical therapy and functional strength training. As such, I am trusted and recommended by doctors and pelvic health physios for pre and post natal training. 

I take a holistic approach to training both mind and body and I’m extremely passionate about removing fear around exercise in the pre & post natal periods which has enabled me to being an ambassador for the Active Pregnancy Foundation and featured in Women's Health. 

I’ve been there, you are exhausted and have no idea how to find the time to do all the baby duties, chores etc. let alone ‘sleep while the baby sleeps’ and you are supposed to find time to prioritise yourself and your health also? How? Not only that, confidence in your appearance, strength and function alongside education on what to do are probably holding you back from starting your postpartum journey. 

My journey was not without complications. I was extremely active, I tried for 7 months to concieve and then suffered a miscarriage which led to a lot of fear around movement. I also found my first pregnancy very difficult, struggling with changes to my body, suffering from back pain, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and a LOT of swelling. I couldn’t find the support I needed so I took it on myself to retrain, change career and take on the hard work to care for, and strengthen, my postpartum body. I became stronger than I had EVER been while achieving my ideal bod and a flatter core than I EVER had, which I never thought would be possible after kids. More importantly I can lift and look after my 3 year old and 1 year old with ease!

THE RE|BORN POSTPARTUM METHOD has been created to support you on your postpartum journey in the most safe, effective and sustainable way whilst delivering REAL results. 

Unlike other postpartum programs out there, we take a hybrid approach to healing & strengthening combining bespoke corrective exercise & rehab with functional fitness. The goals of our programme are to make your body more reactive so it is safer when you are carrying your 7 month old and 4 year old up the stairs and into a very low cot bed (just one example!). 

The Method is based on practical movements that are fundamental to everyday real life - to make the hardest physical tasks in your week easier and pain free. Not only do we focus on the ‘corrective’ exercise through improving breathing patterns, posture, alignment and more but we build up and challenge your abdominal and full body strength at the right time for YOU through ALL ranges of movement. Your body needs challenge and LOAD to adapt and we are all on different journeys. 

Why the re|Born Method is different and will get you results. 

Upfront Individual Assessments - Diastasis Recti, Posture, Breathing, Rib Flare and review of Functional Movements

Phase-by-phase live & on-demand workout plan involving 3x workouts per week plus tailored coaching and troubleshooting sessions weekly

3 BONUS workshops with EXPERTS in Pelvic Health, Nutrition and Baby Routines & Sleep

Assessment and customisation of the Programme ‘tweaks’ for your specific needs 

On demand video access to inform movement practice outside of live sessions. From core rehab and corrective exercises to mobility and myofascial release

Additional resources such as pdf weekly planner and checklist to assist to keep you on track with your health goals

What you get access to:

The re|BORN Method is built on 4 science-based phases to build a strong, powerful and purposeful body while achieving your physical aesthetic goals including a fully functional core, safely. You will LOOK GOOD because you have prioritised FEELING GOOD first. 

Access to our private Community for support and accountability through facebook and whatsapp 

Additional ‘offline’ coaching for video reviews of technique, repeat assessment checks (if required) or any other help you need throughout the programme

The re|Born Method at a Glance

Support ‘unstuck’ system via Facebook and Website Community Group for minor queries with the option to book in 15min Zoom call directly with Rachel if REALLY stuck

Education - you will learn how your body works which is life-long knowledge! 

re|HAB & re|BUILD


This first phase is all about laying the foundations and starting to strengthen your core. We focus on correcting imbalances and start to get used to moving your body weight as well as lifting loads.
- Deep core strengthening
- Correcting imbalances in YOUR body 
- Build up to functional bodyweight movements, energy + fitness to start taking on load

Here you feel cared for and supported while you are spending all your time caring for others. You start to feel more mindful and in tune with your body, acquiring knowledge on how your body works and how to care for and strengthen it. You start to feel more relaxed through the breathwork and knowing that someone has got your back. Anxiety and worry about your postpartum journey fade away. 



This phase of the programme is where we start to help you get to your individual postpartum goals as well as developing the strength you need to have at home with your children. Each workout will mirror a movement you regularly do at home. Movement in all directions to support your motherhood and realign your body and mind. You will bring balance back to your body in a day to day full of imbalanced movements (think about what you do with a baby and a toddler!)! - Here you start to feel more confident in yourself, your ability to move well/with intention, stronger and energised. Life looking after kids at home is starting to feel easier! Getting towards your postpartum goals is looking more achievable now and you are starting to see REAL results.



This phase is about RECLAIMING YOUR FITNESS, YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE AND YOUR HAPPINESS leveling up in the prior four weeks, you will start to add more load, more dynamic movements (in all planes of movement) slowly incorporating more impact and power to challenge the body more and further progressing your strength through the use of uneven weights (think about how you hold a toddler AND a baby). Life now for you should feel easier, you should feel stronger, your mood feels better and you feel content with the results you have seen in your body too. You feel empowered to take on anything!



If you LOVE the first 12 weeks and want to progress even further, this follow on ADVANCED Method is for you! This is where we get more creative with movements and you REALLY challenge your body through dynamic movements, combining planes of movement, different positions, reaches, using uneven weights and more!

Here Is How It Works:

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Here's what mothers are saying about Rachel and the Method.
Real mamas, real results.

You want to improve your core strength, function and appearance.

​You want to learn from a certified pregnancy, postpartum corrective and diastasis specialist who focuses on strength training getting you fit for function, is a fellow mum and has been through the journey herself WITH results

​You want to learn how your body works and how to best get towards your goals

​You want a flexible programme that is still personalised 

You want to be STRONG enough to lift, hold, play with and wrestle (we’ve all been there) your kids! 

You want someone to hold you accountable 

You want to do it from the comfort of your own home (or even in the gym on demand)

This is for you if:

You want time back for YOU. You want to focus on YOUR health. You want to be in the best shape of your life, stronger than you have ever been before, not only for yourself, but for your kids

You want safe workouts that challenge you at the RIGHT TIME

You want to be pain and problem free. You want to combat aches and pains that inevitably arise from pregnancy and being a mother and/or working in the new age tech/sedentary world!

You are not ready to commit or don’t think you have the time to focus on your physical (and mental) health

You are not patient. You have given birth. Your pelvis can take up to 6 months to realign, fascia can take up to 18 months to heal…just as examples

You want to jump straight back into HIIT, high impact, olympic weightlifting (as examples!) straight after your 6-8 week GP check 

​You’re looking to ‘bounce back’ (hate that term) as soon as possible or just looking for ‘6 pack in 6 weeks’ or quick postpartum ‘fixes’ 

​You are not coachable, or don’t think you’ll benefit from a more personal approach

You are not willing to invest financially in yourself

This is not for you if:


 **first come first serve**

I am ready to get re|BORN

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start?


Typically starting from 6-8 week check up to 6 months (longer if no exercise has been carried out during this time!). The reality is, it is NEVER too late to start if you’ve done no formal core recovery or postpartum fitness programme since giving birth. 


What equipment will I need?


Resistance Bands: Therabands, Resistance Bands (with clips/handles), Mini Loop Bands. Plenty of options on Amazon!
Pilates Ball
Foam Roller/Myofascial release ball
Weights: Dumbbells and/or kettlebells (both ideally). You choose your option of weight remembering you will need challenge to adapt!


What if I have diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor issues such as incontinence or prolapse?


These are not contraindications to exercise. The reBorn method bridges the gap between pelvic health physical therapy (corrective exercise) and functional strength & conditioning training. If you do have any of the PFDs, we would always recommend you seeing a pelvic health physio first (recommendations can be provided within reBorn’s network) and they have given sign off to participate in such a programme. The truth is, the method is adapted to YOU and should improve symptoms and aesthetics in the case of mild DRA IF you put in the time, build the foundations and take advantage of all the offline support to improve your technique to get the most out of the exercises. 

watch my free masterclass: 3 steps to reclaim your life from leaking & prolapse

And discover my 3 key steps so your can regain trust in your body, rebuild your strength and reclaim your life from symptoms.

The re|Born
Postpartum Method

Are you ready to re|BUILD your core, re|CLAIM your body, re|VITALISE your mind and spirit, re|TURN to fitness postpartum stronger than you have EVER been?