Pregnancy & Postpartum Essentials Course 

Ever wonder why traditional antenatal courses typically don’t cover the mother’s health, fitness and nutrition? I certainly did, and I felt completely lost after my first birth. 

What exercises can I do? What will be harmful for my recovery? How will I get back to training like I did pre pregnancy? Consider “nothing is off the table”; how you do it matters more than what you are doing. Remember we are all different, you just need to be mindful of symptoms and your body will tell you when something is too much at that moment in time. 

This course is all about arming expecting and new mums with the knowledge and practical experience to adapt their chosen activities, drive postpartum recovery and return to fitness THEIR way.

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I had a little bit of a back ache so I  pulled out my ebook, did a few exercises and it's really helped alleviate the pain.

Vero, Expecting Mama

Rachel Prince of re|Born

To give you the very best care and advice, your course is hosted by 3 experienced women’s health specialists: 

Pre & Post Natal Fitness Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist


Registered Nutritionist and Public Health Nutrition Expert

Jennie Hughes of FourTherapy

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher

6 week virtual interactive course (the ‘why’ and ‘how’) with specific exercise breakdowns PLUS bonus nutrition week 

Up to 1.5hrs per week, follow up support through further Q&A and video reviews via private Facebook group 

Sessions recorded so you can catch up if one was missed

Dive deeper week by week into specific topics with an opportunity to ask questions, explore movements and get feedback

Supporting ebook with exercise breakdowns, healthy recipes, useful checklists and more!

Wrap up virtual ‘coffee’ session (the best we can do during COVID-19)

Community of like-minded women and our full support – you are not alone! 

what do you get?

What you will learn during this course will not only help you through your pregnancy and postpartum fitness journey but the knowledge gained will serve you well through any stage in your life. Bringing back awareness to your body, how and why it moves the way it does and how to alleviate aches and pains that inevitably may arise as the kids grow up and/or you return to work is invaluable. 

Overview & Postpartum Timelines 

week one

Want to return to running, bootcamp or CrossFit and unsure of when you can? In this intro week we will discuss recovery timelines and exercise progressions. You will also have a new baby and possibly other kids to look after so we will go through how to move and lift at home to support your recovery while strengthening at the same time!


week two

The base of our system and we need a solid base to build upon! We will teach you different breathing patterns to aid activation of your deep core muscles while naturally strengthening your pelvic floor. It will also tap into your ‘rest and digest’ mode, helping you relax which is something we rarely get to do as mums.  


week three

Building on Week 2, you will learn and explore ways to manage core pressure and activate and strengthen all your abdominal muscles, including with a diastasis. You will gain the confidence to know how to train your core and progress strengthening exercises at the time that is right for you. 


week four

During pregnancy, our posture is thrown out of kilter which lengthens and weakens some muscles while others get tight and overactive. While there is no perfect posture, you will learn ways to alleviate common posture related aches and pains. We will get you to explore ways to move in and out of different postural patterns, be it during structured exercise or during daily activities, in a way that feels natural and practical. We will go through awareness and simple movements that can make changes quick while providing stretching and strengthening exercises to help you combat those stiff or troublesome areas. 

pelvic floor

week five

This goes beyond kegals and you will learn how to strengthen and fully relax your pelvic floor. We will go through symptoms to look out for when there are problems with pressure including urge or stress incontinence to prolapse. We will discuss how to manage these symptoms and empower you to get strong safely as well as getting your pelvic floor ready for impact. You will still be lifting your baby after all!  

hip stability & strength 

week six

The body is all connected and your glutes are best friends with your pelvic floor but tend to have a mini break during pregnancy – ever heard of the saying ‘mum bum’!? We will explore ways to activate your glutes and work with all the surrounding muscles of the hip to strengthen your pelvic floor, abdominals and improve your posture.

postpartum nutrition

bonus week

You are what you eat and nutrition is an important part of the postpartum journey to promote healing and recovery. You will learn useful nutritional tips from what foods to eat and why, to how to manage meals once the baby arrives as well as lots of useful recipes that can be prepared in advance. 

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virtual goody bag

“The re|Born Postpartum Essentials course was brilliant. It was engaging, so well thought out, and as a first time mum, made me feel equipped with helpful and practical information to help me move in a way that will support a healthy full recovery. Rachel is passionate and knowledgeable and this shines through her presentations and her responses to people's questions in the private FB group and on the live call.”

New Mama, Course Participant 

“I would highly recommend the course to any new or expectant mums. Fitness was a huge part of my life before I was pregnant and I tried to remain as active as possible during my pregnancy too. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t rush back too soon after I had my baby and I also wanted to understand how to return to exercise safely, which I now feel like I will be able to do. Also all of the instructors on the course are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about pre & post natal fitness and women’s health, which makes such a difference.”

Expecting to New Mama, Course Participant 

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