Personal Training

Rachel takes a holistic approach to training both mind and body and is on a constant search for knowledge and new experiences. She will guide you to explore how to move your body in a way that feels comfortable and intuitive. You might even find new, and sometimes non conventional, ways to move. Our bodies are capable of more than you think.

The saying goes “Just because you want to, doesn’t mean you should.” BUT just because you are pregnant or postpartum, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Rachel will give you dedicated support and education to explore YOUR body’s capabilities and progress further at the time that is right for YOU. 

With Rachel’s support I’m on the right track to get back to my pre-baby level of fitness.

Verity, Post Natal Client

“I enlisted Rachel’s help after the birth of my second baby. I felt like I needed support and guidance to get back into exercise and build my fitness up again in the right way. Rachel’s method is so thorough. She stripped everything back to basics and took the time to really get to know the way my body works. Her incredible knowledge of the post natal recovery process meant that all exercises were completely tailored to my needs and I could build strength in a safe way. Rachel takes everything at your pace and I have been so impressed with the variety of exercises which keeps things interesting. I definitely feel with Rachel’s support I’m on the right track to get back to my pre-baby level of fitness.”

60 minute sessions 

Face to face with options to train at Rachel’s studio in EARLSFIELD or online via Zoom

1:1 AND 2:1 training available 

Monthly rolling subscription (cancel anytime)

I will tailor the sessions to you and your body, because every mama is unique. Within my specialism, I love to incorporate the ‘prehab’ and ‘rehab’ side of fitness alongside strength & conditioning training. I have helped women with common pregnancy and postpartum aches and pains such as sciatic nerve and pelvic girdle pain to diastasis recti, hernia and pelvic floor dysfunction. I have also worked with clients with postnatal arthritis and hyper-mobility to scoliosis and joint issues - being able to lean on my community of specialists to give you the very best care.

If you’d prefer to workout with a friend, I can offer training for up to 3 people still taking into account your individual goals.

“Rachel is a brilliant trainer, she is incredibly knowledgeable about post and pre natal bodies. Her sessions are fun and different every time, but she is able to tailor the class to the student when you turn up with various pre/post natal aches. She’s excellent at helping with my strength and fitness, but also lovely company!”

Harriet, Pre Natal Client

1:1 Training

One session

rolling monthly


Reduces to £75 per session for 8 or more per month

2:1 Training

One session



Reduces to £90 per session for 8 or more per month


*get in touch for private links to purchase monthly PT sessions

Rachel's knowledge of both practical and theoretical fitness and strengthening techniques meant that I had complete trust in her approach to training me and getting me back to being strong after having my 3rd baby and 3rd c-section.

Abbie, Post Natal Client

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Personal Training